Somalia: Farole’s Dynasty and Justice in Puntland -The Cartoon


The Farole dynasty cartoon by Amin Arts

By: Medeshi

Somalilandsun – Puntland elections have recently been postponed after conflict broke out in Qardo town between supporters of Farole , the current president of Puntland region of Somalia and Adde Muse , the former president of the region.

Farole has ruled the region with iron fist since 2009 after he defeated Adde muse in the elections.

In the cartoon Amir Arts mocks and illustrates president Farole’s conflict resolution strategy.

This is what the cartoon text says in Somali:

President Faroole sitting on the highest seat of State reads from a pre-prepared speech and tells the press: “After we have carefully thought of ways of solving the current conflict and political differences in Puntland, we have decided to name the following committee to find a lasting solution to the conflict :

1- Abdirahman Farole – The Chair

2- Mohamed Farole – Member

3- Osman Farole – member

4- Kadar Farole – Member

5- Ahmed Farole – Member