Somalia: Farmajo Talks IGAD Cooperation in Djibouti as He Muzzles Opposition at Home

Ethiopia Prime minister Abiy Ahmed and Somalia president Farmajo in Djibouti

Somalilandsun: The Somalia president Mohamed Abdilahi Faramjo is in Djibouti where he is participating in the ongoing IGAD meeting

In the sidelines of  the meeting he met with Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed  with whom he discussed  recent regional developments and on how to strengthen cooperation among #IGAD countries.

While he was talking regional cooperation a number if major streets if his capital Mogadishu  were under a tight blockade by the Turkish trained Cheetah Police Unit..

If denying  ordinary citizens ease of movement which is a basic human right, some of his opponents in forthcoming Somalia presidential elections were also under-seige in their homes courtesy of the Cheetah Unit.

But under all the pomp in Djibouti and the misery back in Somalia , a stark image is the conspicuous absence of Somaliland at the IGAD meeting.

So whatever regional Cooperation is discussed it is impossible to effect while Somaliland remains an outcast

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  1. Isn’t Somaliland (tribal/not tribal region) along with the rest of the Somali Federal Tribal States/regions represented by the Republic of Somalia headed by president Farmaajo?