Somalia: Does Ethiopian General Performance at Mogadishu Help Al-Shabaab?


As Ministries reform continued, reliable sources had confirmed that the list of new cabinet members of Somalia is added to well-known individuals that will serve the Ethiopian selfish-interest in Somalia.

Somalilandsun – Ethiopia’s General Gebre,who hails from Ethiopian minority tribe of Tigray has passed to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, to nominate certain important positions behalf of Ethiopia such as the Minister of national Security of Somalia to Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s agent, Mohammed Hassan.The news is not here that Ethiopia’s Gen. Gebre is forced Mr. Mohamoud and Mr. Abdiweli to accept his selection,but that the Somali intellectuals and talented politicians from Hawiye and Darod clans in Mogadishu are at risk.
Since, Mohammed Hassan is known about his allegiance to Al-Shabaab and his involvement of constant support to terrorist- affiliated elements.
On October 6, 2006, the ammunition and grenades that were captured from his house that Aden Saran-soor resided in proved his role as being one of the actors behind Somalia’s insecurity, different kinds of firearms including 125 DShKs,250 BKMs, 300 RPGs,300 AK47s,222 Mortars,3,200 F1 grenade and uncountable ammunition as reports indicated that it was intended to be transferred to Al-Shabaab and the likes.
How could it be easier to deal with the terrorist threat that is coming from the terror networks in Mogadishu and the country at large is questionable.
Our inaction is not only making us a state-sponsored terrorism, but also turning us all a nation that is Ethiopian serfdom and competing with each other to get Ethiopian blessing in part of serving our TPLF masters in Ethiopia’s Finfine (Addis Ababa) ,who have been meddling in Somalia’s domestic political affairs over the past 23 years in bid to make sure it is long-time goal to become true.
Our archenemy of Ethiopia has only two options: To realize the reflection of its hidden agenda, which is based on divide-and-rule policy in Somalia.
It has been very keen to involve in tribal politics of Somalia in order not to be realized a long-awaited strong Somali unity government that stands its feet again or burn the entire Somalia at once. Not more, not less!
Other Individuals that Ethiopia’s Gebre demanded from our head of states to be appended to the list of the important ministerial posts are included Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow, who is being appointed as interior minister and Hussein Abdi Halene, who is being to re-name his former ministerial position of ministry of finance.
Also, The Prime minister of Somalia surprised ,that the government of Ethiopia asked the Minister of Justice and the federal government not to exclude Farah Topaz from the new cabinet,who was among the forefront of the cabinet that are planed not to return to the federal government of Somalia.
Ethiopia has a comfortable relationship with Somalia’s Al-Shabaab ,you ask how. Whenever Ethiopian military moves towards an Al-Shabab held-town in Somalia ,The so-called Ethiopian Army faces no resistance .Someone may ask why? It is a proven concluded fact that Ethiopia is No 1 army-and ammunition supplier to Al-Shabaab.
Whenever they, Ethiopians abandon a place, the Somalis know that there are Shabaab members who came to the same spot and collect what the Ethiopians have left behind for them.
Moreover, Ethiopia has been very happy with Al-Shabaab during its presence in Kismayo,because when Barre Hirraale who was the sole warlord governor of Kismaayo for so long before the Shabaab ousted him ,willed to invade Al-Shabaab but Ethiopia stopped him . And when Kenyan Forces with the help of local militia fighters captured the town of Kismayo Ethiopian government dismayed and the diplomatic relations between the two countries was at stake.
However, It is reported that fighting between Liyu Police militia and Al-Shabaab occurred in Bakool province that at least 74 of warring sides died and none Ethiopian highlanders.
The fear now is that all Somali politicians are competing to embrace Somalia’s traditional foe,Ethiopia which is a country that has always been declaring their ill feeling of Somalia abs as a nation. It is Somalia’s responsibility to wake up and tell Ethiopia to stay away from Somalia’s internal issues or meet the consequences.

Written By Dahir Alasow From Netherlands and Ahmed Abdi From Yemen