Somalia: CIA and U.S. Special Forces Trained Commando Unit Commissioned


The US Army and CIA trained Gashaan Commando Unit

Somalilandsun – Despite earlier setbacks inflicted upon Al-Shabaab by AMISOM and the Somalia national Army, the terror group battling the Somalia federal government for control of the country has in the recent past made significant gains thence spreading from the Lower Shabelle region back into Mogadishu, a city struggling to rebuild after decades of open warfare.
But the Somali government and its U.S. backers are hitting back against the Al Shabab’s brazen daylight suicide bombings and coordinated gun attacks target the fledgling government’s political and judicial infrastructure where Civilians get caught, fatally, in the crossfire.
Following months of rumour and innuendo, Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed leaked some very encouraging news. Somalia has a new counterterrorism force—the Gaashan, which translates as “the shield.”
Says he “The 150—so far—Gaashan commandos got some of the best training in the world, thanks to America’s own CIA and Special Operations Command” Continue reading