Somalia: Bubaa Craves office of ‘Somali PM’ as Incumbent Shirdon Alleged Planning to Resign


Ismail Bubaa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – A former Somalia Transitional government foreign minister Ismail Mahmud Hurre Bubaa is slated to be the new Somalia federal government-SFG prime minister after the imminent resignation of current holder later this year.

the ex Somalia foreign minister and a renegade Somaliland citizen is reported to have informed that incumbent SFG Prime Minister Abdisaeed Shirdon is set to resign by the end of October 2013 “due to differences with his globetrotting boss President Hasan”

“While it is obvious that PM Shirdon will resign by the end of October I can confirm that there is a political deal between some renegade and unionists Somaliland politicians and president Hasan of Somalia to have one of them appointed to the post of PM” Said Ismail Bubaa according to Mogadishu based Dalsan Radio reports.

Incompetent and Clueless PM Shirdon“I don’t know the right Somali person that the Somali president will choose but in can confirm the deal but I believe that I am the most experienced thence most appropriate for the post “Said Bubaa.

For the past couple of weeks According rumours circulating in Mogadishu had it that a dissatisfied Shirdon is set to resign his position as prime minister thus the jostling by renegade politicians from Somaliland intent on ensuring that current foreign minister cum deputy minister Ms Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden herself from Somaliland is not elevated tFoziao replace her boss once he resigns.

Since Fozia an intellectual and astute politician was appointed to her current powerful offices by President Hasan thence becoming the first woman to hold the office of foreign minister and deputy foreign minister the winded unionists from Somaliland like Bubaa have found their influence waning drastically.

For Somaliland the choice of Fozia shall be the best one since she is not known to have interfered in issues related to her motherland in the north of her current station as opposed to the likes of Bubaa whose profession and career is centred on Hargeisa bashing.