Somalia: AU-West-Backed Jubaland Troops Complete Training Aimed To Wage Offensive Against Al-Shabab


graduating jubaland soldiers

Somalilandsun – Hundreds of Jubaland troops have completed military training programs aimed at to liberate the embattled Al-Shabab’s last remaining footholds in Somalia’s Jubaland territory.

The counterterrorism training programs took place the outskirt of Kismayo, where they took instructions of counterterrorism tactics, rules of war, information gathering skills, first-hand safety programs, and military academic related introductory instructions.
Graduates of the special troops named dervishes (Somali “Daraawiish”) planned to wage an offensive against Al-Qaeda’s affiliated with Al-Shabab for the weeks or months ahead, according to Jubaland administration officials.
These newly-graduates wear on uniforms with ranks and armed to the teeth in order to be a role model like Puntland and Somaliland Administrations.
“I am really appreciated and congratulate to them, how well they obeyed and listened to each other during their training instructions. Now, they (Dervishes) are ready to participate in the war against the terrorists, ” said Jubaland’s President, Ahmed Mohammed Islam (Ahmed Modobe) wearing on uniform.
These troops are the ones that liberated Kismayo from Al-Shabab, starting the counterterrorism offensives from Kenya-Somalia border until they ousted Al-Shabab a vast territory including the seaport town of Kismayo,” added the President Ahmed Madobe.
Jubaland President was quoted as saying, military mobilization is going on in Gedo ,Afmadow and Dhoobley provinces.
The Jubaland administration has a goal of increasing its army both the land and the sea in a bid to tackle the security situations in Jubaland. More troops are about to finish their training programs very soon.
The media has not learned the number of the Jubaland Army, but experts believe they are several thousand of well-equipped men.
Jubaland was formed by elders and politicians from Gedo, Middle, and lower Jubbas nearly the end of 2013. And now, enjoys the support of Somalia’s Federal government (FGS) ,IGAD,Ethiopia, Kenya as well as the West. Jubaland has cabinet and Constitution but lacks of MPs.