Somalia : Are the U.S , UK and Front line countries paralyzing Somalia ?



By Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun -Somalia was one of the best powerful nations of the African continent ever since it gained its full-Independence from English and Italian colonies and right after its full Independence many African countries including South Africa, Eritrea,and Djibouti gained their Independence due to Somalia’s sisterly support.
Unfortunately, when the warlords that toppled the last central government in 1991 had failed to come up in an advance a plan with them in order to form an exclusive government to control the entire country, the neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti exploited the chaos.

Ethiopia and Djibouti eventually started tantalizing the warlords in the pretext of reconciliation amid a further humiliation. Even though,Ethiopia and Djibouti differ their selfish interests towards Somalia, but destroying Somalia prior to their joint-efforts allowed both countries to reap rewards of the partnership.

Ethiopia no longer fears any threat from its traditional foe, Somalia, because it controls her for many directions: politically, socially, economically, militarily and educationally directly and indirectly.Thanks to vain warlords, Djibouti enjoys playing as one of the regional actors for its strategical location with the void of Somalia and no powerful, united country of Somalia is foreseeable but tiny states like Djibouti.

Djibouti hired out a contingent of its soldiers to Somalia for vast profit in the form of peacekeeping to pretend itself as an actor and to keep making sure mini-states implemented in Somalia as well as getting paid its soldiers. Ethiopia and Kenya which are acting under the auspices of AMISOM rapists under the term of fighting terrorism yet their own selfish interests differ whilst working as brothers in army when it comes to weakening Somalia both countries confront each other occasionally for the case of Jubaland state of Somalia.
U.S and U.K governments, the allies of evil, have recent years enhanced their efforts to do any necessary prevention by defying Somali patriots to lead the nation to keep Somalia drowning deep into the Indian ocean with solely the intention of paving their oil-hungry corporations and their vessel at sea to steal and/ or exploit the natural resources of Somalia .
The So-called Al-Shabaab has to be blamed for the foreign invasion and the conquest of Somalia.The crimes that the terror group has committed against Somalis reached its peaks as well.
Ethiopian-controlled Dammul Jadiid of Federal government of Somalia foiled its responsibility to serve the interest of Somali people and spent most of their time by roaming to foreign countries without agenda or clear, well reasoned and articulated plan.

The globe-trotters just aim the media attention nothing more nothing less, moreover how many times do we hear from our inept politicians saying ” We have healthy relationship with such and such countries with no apparent reason or no return, but only to gain admiration from countries that have no stomach to help us for recovery.
While Somalia needs intimate friends and allies that support at this critical time yet the United States, United Kingdom and front line countries are Paralyzing Somalia and denying to have the ability to stand on its feet again, either on revenge for the case of Ethiopia or making it weaker to exploit the natural resources.