Somalia: 2 Kaah Employees Killed in a Dramatic Robbery Gone Sour


By: Yusuf M Hasan

BOSASO (Somalilandsun) – Armed robbers have stolen an unidentified amount of money from Kaah Express money Transfer Company in Bosaso.

According to VOA reports a number of gunmen stole a large amount of money after they stormed a local branch of the money transfer company in Bosaso where they also injured one person while two others were killed 2.

Eye witnesses reported that the deaths of the two, one cashier and a guard ensued inside the premises where the robbers reportedly sprayed burst of bullets from their Kalashnikov semi-automatics which they had catered secreted inside their clothing.

Police in the port city of the Puntland administrative region of Somalia have neither identified nor arrested any of the robbers though they are pursuing investigations.

Apart from a similar incident in 2010 that engulfed the now defunct Qaran express money Transfer Company in Garowe when a substantial amount of money and property was stolen armed robbery remains a novel type of crime in all Somali speaking territories.

On the other hand unconfirmed reports point to the fact that Al-Shabaab functionaries escaping from an onslaught by a multinational force in Somalia have camped in the vicinity of the Bosaso airport.