Somali Refugees in the Region – As of 15 January 2013


In focus: Somali refugees return – Video

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – The number of Somali refugees in the countries surroundOverflowing refugee campsing Somalia are reported to be over 1,022,437, among them 84,400 in the republic of Somaliland.

The highest number of them live in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya which is also the largest refugee camp in the World .

location & # of Somali  refugees in EASomali Refiugees ReturnBut despite the improved security situation in Somalia , particularly in the capital, Mogadishu , the arrivals in these refugee camps numbered 47,508 in 2013 alone.

Somalia had no central government since the fall of Barre’s dictatorship In 1991, which lead to bloody civil war . It was only in August 2012 that an elected government was installed in the country with the help of AMISOM and the Western powers .The recent recognition of the Somali government by the United States could open a new window for stability , investment and foreign aid.

In focus: Somali refugees return – Video

VOA’s Vincent Makori reports on Somali refugees and talks to VOA’s Harun Maruf on the status of the refugees.