Free press

Somalilandsun- WE acknowledge the need to maintain the peace and stability of the land, but we are also disturbed by the language that the Minister of Information of Puntland used. 

WE acknowledge that Puntland Administration and government is the sole enforcer the RULE and LAW of the land, but we are also worried the denial of one of the fundamental human rights issue: freedom of speech.
WE acknowledge that the PUBLIC have the obligation to respect the RULE of LAW of Somalia and Puntland, we are also concerned for their safety and the safety of their families.
Then, the importance of the peace of PUNTLAND forced us to intervene and furnish this press release, so 
  1. We realized that the current Administration is against its people while that means they are also against the RULE of LAW and the house of the people – the Parliament of Puntland and you are the entity that represents the people.
  1. We urge that the Parliament and the people of Puntland to work closely and stop the current Administration to continue wasting their efforts into unending political wrangling caused by inequality and injustice culture that some people of the current administration came with.
  1. And finally, we encourage the ELDERS of Puntland of Somalia to conduct a genuine reconciliation meeting that takes place in Puntland as soon as possible since the th language used by Puntland Minister of Information is a language that reminds us the 1991 hostility – we are very sure that you will continue the legacy of the founding fathers of Puntland who, for the sake of ALLAH, tried hard to save Puntland from the chaos that engulfed parts of our beloved country Somalia as we are still dealing the result of the lawlessness of the Civil War that started 25 years ago in Somalia.
Prepared & Shared by: Mohamed Barre – ‘JUNLAY’ head of the US Somali-Diaspora-Freelance -Writers/Journalist Union – Minneapolis, MN –