Researchers Set to Release Somaliland Informal Trade and Economy Study Report


Somalilandsun- It is a fact that over 75% of the the GNP of Somaliland is generated from informal trade and economy and equally more than 75% of the working population are employed in this sector
This actualization is as a result of an empirical academic research on Somaliland Informal Trade and Economy conducted by Professor Alison Brown as lead researcher and In partnership between Cardiff team, Hollis University, expert Eid Ali Ahmed and SONSAF
Undertaken in 2016 the study was part of research led by Cardiff University on Economic Recovery in Post-Conflict cities: the role of the urban informal economy, funded by DFIC-ESRC (Project ES-M008789-1). The research explores the role of the urban informal economy in poverty-reduction, peace-building and development in post-conflict cities, and its scope to provide livelihoods for the extreme poor and a platform for economic recovery.
Hargeisa was selected for the research because of its extraordinary transformation as a modern city emerged from civil war. After a 10-year struggle, when thousands were killed, Somaliland finally declared independence from Somalia in 1991. Of particular interest is the clan-led peace and reconciliation process, and its success in establishing a functioning government.
Having completed work researchers Prof Alison Brown and Prof Eid Ahmed Shall Hold a one day workshop in Hargeisa on the 6th November 208 where a completed report on the informal trade and economy shall be discussed by participants.
THE FIRST OF OBJECTIVE of this workshop is to present the findings and recommendations of empirical academic research on Somaliland Informal Trade and Economy and there will be participative and interactive discussion sessions by all participants.
THE SECOND OBJECTIVE of the workshop on 6th November is to explore the formation of the sub-sector of the informal trade and Economy under the-banner of ESCOM aligned with NDPII. Hence, it is imperative that the needs of those engaged in the informal trade sector
to be addressed and the set recommendations to be considered and included in the Strategic Sector Plans of the relevant ministries particularly Ministry of Trade, Industries and Tourism, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and National Development, Ministry of Interior ,and Ministry of Education.
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Read below The Informal Economy after Civil War, Hargeisa, Somaliland executive summary

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