“ Repatriation of Refugees should be Voluntary” says NRC


As the Kenyan High Court Rules to Stop government’s Closure of Dadaab which is termed as unconstitutional 

SEPTEMBER 2016 A Somali family looks on as a plane arrives in Dadaab refugee camp to take them back to Mogadishu Somalia. They were one of 40 families returning that day as part of the voluntary return programme. Photo Fredrik LernerydNRC

Somalilandsun-The high court in Kenya issues a ruling to stop the closure of the world’s largest refugee camp Dadaab, housing thousands of Somali refugees.
“The. Norwegian Refugee Council-NRC welcomes the ruling of the High Court as the process for returning Somali refugees to their home country should be voluntary,” said Neil Turner, Norwegian Refugee Council’s country director in Kenya.
Thursday 9 February, Justice John Mativo said it was wrong to issue a blanket condemnation punishing all refugees back, writes The Star
If this ruling is confirmed, implemented and stops the planned camp closure, it will remove the uncertainty currently faced by thousands of refugees, and they will be able to make an informed choice about joining the Voluntary Return Programme or repatriating spontaneously.
“Today, there is an urgent need for Dadaab to remain open, as the current drought and food crisis is devastating parts of Somalia and the prospects for a safe return of Somali refugees from Kenya is drastically diminished,” said Turner.
NRC is working in Dadaab to provide accurate and up to date information to the refugees about their chosen area of returns, and assisting them in making their decisions about whether to return, or remain.
See here for more information about NRC’s work in Kenya.