Puntland Women Unhappy over Representation in new Assembly


Women in Puntland continue to be subjugated in all fronts

By: Radio Bar-kulan

Women in Puntland have expressed their dissatisfaction with their representation in the new Puntland Parliament. Halimo Mohamed Farah, the chairwoman of Puntland Women Alliance said that they were dismayed to learn that only two women were among the 66 newly assembled legislators.

She placed the blame on traditional elders, who she said do not recognize the role and leadership qualities of the Somali women. She vowed that they will continue to double their efforts to attain their rightful positions in the political arena.

Women are marginalized in Puntland

Puntland Vetting and Conflict Resolution Committee have on Monday released the names of the new legislators with only two women among the 66 members. Meanwhile, some of Puntland presidential candidates have on Tuesday welcomed the selection of the new parliament.