Puntland Sends former Somali PM Packing after Halting his Campaigns


Prof Gaas has designs on the Puntland presidencyBy: Yusuf M Hasan

BOSASO (Somalilandsun) – Officials of The Somali regional administration of Puntland have ordered former Prime minister Prof Adbiweli Gaas to leave the enclave.

According to sources within Bosaso central police station Dr Adbiweli Gaas was ordered to leave the city during a meeting that ensued at the area governor’s headquarters following summons regional enclave authorities.

After the closed door meeting officiated by Bosaso regional Governor Abdisamed Mohamed Gallan, Bosaso regional police commander Osman Afdolow and the mayor of Bosaso Hasan Abdala the immediate former Somali prime minister under President Sheikh Sheriff was declared persona non grata and ordered to leave the regional enclave immediately.

Information reveal that Prof Adbiweli Gaas is yet to adhere to the vacate orders since he is currently ensconced at his spacious residence which he owns in one of the posh estates of Bosaso.

The last Transitional prime minister who is currently a member of the Somali parliament is reported to be defiant of the orders claiming that he has equal rights with the vacate order issuing officers since he originates from the enclave.

The Puntland officials actions seems to have emanated from the enclave president Abdurrahman Farole who is fearful of the popularity of Prof Gaas whose arrival in Bosaso a week ago elicited jubilation from his supporters who met him in Faluja a town between Bosaso and Armo

The reception committee at Faluja immediately informed the proffesor that they want him to contest the presidency in forthcoming elections since he is the only person with enough clout to dethrone President Farole.

President Farole and his administration are said to have been irked by the meetings conducted by Prof Gaas in some parts of Eastern Sanaag where traditional leaders led by Garaad (King) Abdilahi Ali Eid continuously entertained the man whom they perceive as their political antidote to president Farole.

The area referred to as eastern sanaag is part and parcel of Somaliland where the Puntland officials have continuously supported rebellion in order to destabilise Somaliland.

Just the other day traditional leaders and intellectuals from the area met with the president of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at the Hargeisa presidency where they reported on the outcome of a tribal meeting held in Baran district where the entire clan recanted association with Puntland and declared their allegiance to their original homeland of Somaliland.

Neither the Sanaag regional government in Erigavo nor the central government in Hargeisa has reacted to the Prof Adbiweli Gaas incursions to eastern sanaag.