Puntland Presidential Contestant Violates Somaliland Sovereignty


Abdiweli and Faroole

By: G.A.Maher

Badhan (Somalilandsun): Former Somalia prime minister Mr. Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Gaas escorted by a militia from his clan violated Somaliland territorial integrity when they crossed the border post that separates Somalia from Somaliland at Badhan town which is situated on the Somaliland side of the border.

Mister Gaas was purpotedly on the auspices of campaigning for Puntland region of Somalia Presidential election in which he is a candidate.

The presidential aspirant boasted of not to have climbed mountains to reach Badhan and said that the town residents need to be visited so as to find out needs of the population members of the public in an open air site in the town. The former prime minister told the crowd of onlookers that his uncle the President of Puntalnd a Mr. Faroole whatever he spoke during a public address he would not answer him but voters from Badhan and Puntaland will answer him in the ballot box on 8th January 2014.

Sultan Said Sultan Abdisalan Sultan Mohammud a traditional leader from the region also spoke at the venue. In another development the mayor of Badhan Mr. Abdilla Mohammud Fatah condemned Puntland regional government for interfering in Somalilands internal affairs and went on to warn the regional government to keep of Somaliland territory if not he threatened to take undisclosed course of action that would deter any would be violator from stepping foot into Somaliland illegally.

The Mayor asked the government to protect her citizens from marauding militias from Puntland.

This is not the first time the Garowe regime has violated Somaliland sovereignty just a fortnight ago they massacred innocent civilians in Taleeh town killing 10 and injuring 15 in an invasion. The Somaliland government led by H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud (Silanyo) has not yet responded to the tragedy in Taleeh and remains tight lipped in this fiasco again which leaves Somaliland citizens to ponder of who is in charge of their security while the ill-equipped armed forces, police of Puntland and hired militia wreck havoc in the Sanaag region crossing the border with impunity.