Puntland holds Cabinet Meeting Deep Inside Somaliland Territory


Somalilandsun- Badhan town in the Sanaag region of Somaliland saw its first ever cabinet meeting take place after President Abdiweli Gas of Puntland converge his ministers for a regular meeting.
The President Gas led highly armed delegation from Puntland has been in Badhan for two days now and during this stay several Development activities have been undertaken though in clear violation of Somaliland territorial integrity namely
• Laying foundation stone for phase two of the Puntland funded Bosaso to Erigavo Road.
• Official opening of Makhir University
• Firing of the entire Badhan Local Council
• Commissioning a sweet water borehole among others
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During the now very surprising Puntland council of ministers meeting which was held outside its regular venue of Garowe, decisions of import and touching on the very being of Somaliland were agreed upon.
Chaired by President Gas the Cabinet meeting with a full quorum agreed to set aside a hefty amount of money from the Puntland regional coffers for purposes of developing Sanaag region.

Residents of Badhan town welcome President Gas of Puntland

Other issues discussed and agreed upon included security, strengthening national budget through enhanced tax collection especially in Sanaag region, political status especially dispute between Puntland and the Somalia federal government and most important claims by Somaliland over East Sanaag and Sool regions jurisdiction Authority.
The unprecedented Puntland council of ministers meeting was facilitated by the presence of the Somalia regional administration’s strong delegation being in the twin under Leadership of President Abdiweli Gas.

Watch The Puntland Cabinet meeting in Badhan District of Somaliland
Following the presence of the Puntland team in Badhan town Somaliland issued a joint government and political parties statement condemning the move as an unprovoked attack
Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Puntland parliament is also going to hold its regular session in the town.
In the meantime residents who despite their allegiance to Somaliland are reported to be very welcoming to the Puntland administration’s presence owing to the benefits being accrued especially as relates to public services much neglected by Somaliland authorities.
While Somaliland designates Badhan as a district in its Sanaag Region , the clan authorities in Garowe consider it as a district in the mythical Region of Haylan which also includes allegedly the entire Sool region

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Though the territorial dispute between Somaliland and Puntland has prevailed for long, and withstanding the lack of action from authorities in Hargeisa, as those from Garowe roughshod in Badhan , most are wondering whether pursuit of peace and good neighbourlines is Worth for President Muse Bihi and his administration the very embarrassment and humiliation ongoing deep inside Somaliland.

Welcoming President Gas of Puntland to Badhan Somaliland

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