Press Release: Amoud Foundation for Horn of Africa


HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Amoud Foundation for Horn of Africa(AFHA) is deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation of drought- affected population in the coastal area of Somaliland. A fact-finding team lead by Amoud Foundation Horn of Africa Representative, Abdiwahab Egeh Ahmed who visited the Awdal , Salal and Gabiley has witnessed the terrible situation of the people living there. It is estimated that 150,000 pastoralists in the coastal area of Somaliland are affected by the drought and need immediate humanitarian assistance.

According to the fact finding team, the drought has caused the deaths of dozens of people, the displacement of 90% of the population from their villages, and millions of dollars worth of damage to livestock and agriculture.

Although the most concern is the coastal areas of Awdal, Salal, and Gabiley , the pastoralists of remote places of Guban(mountain area) were also reported to be suffering from severe hunger (Awdalpress 2012). Amoud Foundation is asking the International Humanitarian Agencies, Governments and People of Somaliland to act now in order to avert a looming disaster that could soon become a repeat of what happened in Southern Somalia last year.

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