President Ismail Gelle of Djibouti Sleeps at Arab Summit, Arrests Exposer


Somaliland sun- In #Djibouti, you can be detained and exposed to the risk of ill-treatment just for sharing a photo of President @IsmailOguelleh falling asleep during an Arab League summit.

The photo that the authorities #Djibouti do not want you to see is that of President Ismail Gelle @IsmailOguelleh Asleep during the plenary session of the 28th Arab League summit March 2017
And for sharing this sleepy Gelle photo you face arrest and detention as did Abdisalam Ismail.
That said the Djiboutian authorities should as expected know that sleeping at an international, national or local meet is uncouth for anyone, just as it is for President Gelle.
Djiboutian authorities should immediately #free_Abdisalam_Ismael.

President Ismail of Djibouti #free_Abdisalam_Ismael.

Link:… #Free_Abdisalam_Ismael