ONLF Rebels Engage Ethiopia coalition Troops in Heavy Clashes


By Mohamed Farah

Somalilandsun- A heavy fighting between, Ogaden National Liberation Front, “ONLF” a secessionist group fighting for the independence of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia, populated by Somali ethnic and Ethiopian Troops is reported.

A according to a report received by Ogadentoday Press , About 150 ONLF fighters attacked on military Camp located at Hoolla, a small village between Dhagahbour and Jigjiga, a capital city of local administration.

The report says, the camp surrounded by ONLF’s forces near Jigjiga on 9 September.

According to a report published by ONLF, 41 attacks were carried on; the government has cut off the telecommunication on the area.

A pro-government website published on last week on Tuesday that heavy clashes took place in Ogaden, and senior Liyu Police and Ethiopian officers were killed in meanwhile ONLF senior member was captured alive in other attack.

Local residents in Kebribayah, a district at Jigjiga province confirmed to Ogadentoday Press that ONLF took control of the military Camp and took 41 guns including 9 RBG, A rocket-propelled grenade, and other guns.

52, Ethiopian coalition troops, including, local Liyu Police, a paramilitary police of regional state was killed in, meanwhile report says 13 ONLF fighters were killed in the operation.

It is very hard to prove, how well, the attack happened and the number of death, since there is no an independent media allowed in Ogaden, Ethiopia has barred off, Ogaden Region international media.

Government and ONLF has not yet commented officially the attacks.

ONLF is the most effective secessionist rebel group in Ethiopia, and seeking the self-determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia. They have waged a war against Ethiopian troops in Ogaden since 1994.

Last year, Ethiopia and ONLF held a peace-negotiation in Kenya but stalled, there are ongoing efforts to continue the dialogue, a source close to mediators told Ogadentoday Press.

Right groups accused the government of Ethiopia committing genocide in Ogaden region; same experts label the region, as Darfur of Ogaden, Ethiopia denies the allegation.

Western countries view ONLF as secessionist group fighting for self-determination of their people and region, but wants to solve the conflict on politically peaceful way.

According to the historians and the colonial agreements records Ogaden was handed over to Ethiopia by the British kingdom in the late of 19Th century. Britain ruled the Ogaden after when the Italian was ousted from the Horn of Africa.

Britain administration in Ogaden was formally known as, British Military Administration of Ogaden(BMAO).

The region is populated by Somali ethnic group, and estimated 5.5 but Ogaden people believe in that they are 7 million.

The natural resources mainly Gas and Oil is believed in reserved in Ogaden Region.

Ogadentoday Press