ONLF Fighters Attacked at Kebridahar Airport


Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen and his delegation landing on the Godey Airport

By: Mohamed Faarah

Somalilandsun – Ogaden National Liberation Front “ONLF,” official have claimed that their fighters attacked on Kebridahar town Airport on last week.

Our aim of the attack was to disrupt the visiting delegation in Ogaden and send a clear message to the puppet administration that serves only the colonial agendas in our people and land. The official said to Ogadentoday Press on the phone.

Speaking on the attack the official said that they have killed several Ethiopian Troops at the airport and destroyed two vehicles.

This was a co-ordinated attack and went successfully, the official said.

The puppet administration was hiding the attack but the military leaders informed the delegation, said the official citing their intelligence in the Ogaden.

I can confirm to you that, it was midnight and they have been waiting to welcome the federal delegation in the morning.

There is no comment from Ethiopia government.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen, nine regional leaders, domestic and foreign investors were visiting Ogaden Region last week.

According to Ethiopian government, the domestic investors are interesting to invest the agricultural sector in Ogaden.

Ogaden National Liberation Front, a secessionist group fighting for the independence of Ogaden warns the foreign oil companies in Ogaden, and attacked in 2007 a Chinese oil field in Ogaden.

According to the source, ONLF were watching closely the visit and Pro- ONLF site “Ogaden News Agency (ONA) published that, ONLF fighters are on the high alert.

The arid Somali (or Ogaden) region of Ethiopia, home to some 5 million ethnic Somalis has been isolated from the world since 2005, when the government imposed a ban on all international media and most humanitarian groups from operating in the area.

Ogadentoday Press