ONLF Condemns Nairobi Abduction of Two Senior Officers by Ethiopian Intelligence Agents


ONLF Press Release

Sulub Abdi abducted in Nairobi

Somalilandsun – The Ethiopian security abducted Mr Sulub Ahmed and Ali Hussein, two senior ONLF leaders from Nairobi yesterday afternoon. The leaders, who were members of the ONLF negotiation team, were in Nairobi for a proposed third round of talks.

This is not the first time that the Ethiopian government has acted in an unethical and uncivilised manner by killing or abducting ONLF delegates engaged in peace talks. In 1998, the Ethiopian Army killed three members of an ONLF delegation team and abducted two members, who were coming back to ONLF base after participating in bilateral negotiations with the Ethiopian government inside the Ogaden. Two years ago, the Ethiopia government assassins killed another senior leader in Nairobi too.

This heinous act constitutes a breach of confidence in dealing with Ethiopia and will gravely hamper any further talks with Ethiopia. This cowardly act, will further invigorate the quest of the Somalis in Ogaden for freedom.

It is the practice the current Ethiopia regime to capture or abduct ONLF members and force them under duress to claim that they are ONLF members who had formed a new faction and has accepted peace and surrendered

We call upon the Kenyan government, which took the responsibility to be a neutral venue, and as a facilitator to investigate fully this travesty and request the Ethiopian government to return the abductees.

ONLF calls the international community to condemn Ethiopia and understand that the regime is anti-peace.

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