Neither Somalia nor Kenya can Afford their Multifaceted Dispute

President's Farmajo of Somalia and Kenya's Uhuru are in a permanent love hate relationship

Somalilandsun: Despite their new found enmity Kenya and Somalia are the two East African nations that share a long land border and have strong socioeconomic ties.

Somalia is currently home to tens of thousands of Kenyan workers who play an important role in2 the country’s corporate, aid, service and hospitality sectors. Until early December, Somalia had a visa-on-arrival arrangement with Kenya, which allowed Kenyan nationals to do business in the country with relative ease

Reciprocally Kenya hosts hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees and is home to a large population of ethnic Somalis. It has also invested heavily in Somalia’s post-conflict reconstruction and hosted several conferences that played an important role in the success of peace-building efforts in Somalia. The Somali diaspora also has significant investments in Kenya due to the relatively favourable working and market conditions in the country.

So Neither Somalia nor Kenya can afford their I’ll advised  dispute turning into a protracted crisis argues Abdimalik Abdullahi HERE