National Party (Wadani) Infuriated by the arrests, as journalists are remanded in Prison


By: G.A. Maher

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) The four journalists arrested over Hubaal demo were remanded for seven days in prison following prosecutoral procedures which demands that suspects should not be held for over 48 hours before being taken to prison.

Opposition National Party (Wadani) has criticized the government for

the arrests of four journalists from the independent media, for holding

a peaceful demonstration in protest against release from prison custody of

a crooked police constable Mr. Ahmed Hassan Hashi.

The constable and his still-at-large colleague raided the Hubaal Media

Network premises on an assassination mission that back fired and

resulted in the capture of the suspect.

The injured owner of the daily Mr. Mohamud Ahmed Jama (Alooley) who was rescued by

youths in the vicinity.

The vice-chairman of the National Party said that it was the muzzling of press freedom and intimidating

reporters in the country. He told the government to immediately

release the four innocent journalists in police custody at Hargeisa

central police station. He reminded the president HE. Ahmed Mohammed

Mohamud (Silanyo) that during his 8 years stint in opposition and

resultant ascend to power was because of the independent media which

was his platform to complain for votes from the electorate and called

him un-grateful.

He criticized the president for using state security

personnel to intimidate innocent journalists and opponents.