MP S Doughty Wants the UK to Formally Recognize Somaliland

UK Urged to Formally Recognize Somaliland

Somalilandsun: The petition UK government and parliament for an independent review of Somaliland recognition campaign started by MP Stephen Doughty is gaining momentum.

The labour MP started this campaign immediately after a historic visit to Somaliland by the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland which he chairs in August 2018.

The three member team chaired by MP Stephen Doughty- Labour party from Cardiff included MP Liz McInness-Labour Party from Greater Manchester and MP Mathew Offord-Conservativer Party representing North London during three days fact finding mission.

UK Legisltor Stephen Doughty in Hargeisa Somaliland file photo

While the fact finding mission undertook detailed studies through engaging various stakeholders in the country of import was the statement by the British legislator from Cardiff  who said  [Apart from the issue of recognition we are taking back a clear message to the British government about the imperatives of enhancing consular services and presence in Somaliland]

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Now this has come to actualization courtesy of an early day motion #2019-20 Session tabled in the UK House of commons on 19 December 2019

For a full debate the MP Stephen Doughty sponsored motion requires six signatures by legislators of which four have already been acquired SEE HERE

The in pursuit motion that aspires to the United Kingdom recognizing the Sovereignty of the republic of Somaliland reads

That this House notes the strong historical ties between Somaliland and the United Kingdom; congratulates the people of Somaliland on the 59th Anniversary of Somaliland’s independence as a British protectorate; recognises the 1991 declaration of independence from Somalia; applauds the cities and boroughs across the United Kingdom including Cardiff, Sheffield, Tower Hamlets and Birmingham that recognise Somaliland as independent; believes that the common interests of the UK and Somaliland in the region will be advanced by continued close cooperation; welcomes the strong cooperation between the UK Government and Somaliland through development aid, help in sustaining democratic institutions and promoting trade and business relationships in Somaliland; encourages the UK Government to urge the Somalia Government to refrain from politicising humanitarian and economic development; recognises the importance of the historic visit of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Somaliland to Hargeisa in 2018 in building positive relations; and calls on the UK Government to formally recognise Somaliland as an independent state and to take steps to encourage dialogue with other international partners, the Government of Somalia and the African Union to help bring about a peaceful and lasting settlement in the region based on the self-determination of the people of Somaliland.