Somaliland: MEP Carver Grills EU on Funding to SL Elections Vis ‘a’ Vis Recognition


MEP Carver Grills EU Parliament on Its Funding to SL Elections Vis a Vis Sovereignty Recognition

Somalilandsun- The European Union parliament was the venue of broad discussions as relates the continental body’s funding to Somaliland and recognition of the Horn of Africa’s sovereignty
The discussions promoted by MEP James Carver took place during a foreign affairs committee session at the EU legislature in Brussels on 30th August 2017.
Responding to the queries posed by MEP Carver as related to the European Union funding to humanitarian and development projects and more so elections in Somaliland and stance on the country’s recognition as a sovereign nation was none other than Alexander Rondos, EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa
MEP James Carver who is a fervent supporter for the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation separate from Somalia is Briton from Midlands constituency and member of the U.K. Independence Party UKIP as well as Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group.

Alexander Rondos EU rep to Horn of Africa inset responds to MEP James Carver Watch
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