• Secretary, Co-Founder, SDC (Somaliland Development Corporation)Len Tiahlo

• Asset and Corporate Acquisitions, ARCO International

• Business development with General Electirc/Kvaerner, TEXACO Santa Fe and Southern Electric

• Advisor for State Investment Company of Ukraine

• Energy Advisor in Norway, Sudan, Syria, USA, UAE, China and Somaliland

Leoned (Len) Tiahlo is a Co-Founder and Secretary of the SDC (Somaliland Development Corporation), an organisation dedicated to facilitating international investment in Somaliland. He has over three decades’ experience in the hard minerals and oil and gas extraction sectors.

Tiahlo spent 3 years with Anglo American in Zambia followed by a consultancy on North Sea oil developments. He joined ARCO International Oil and Gas Company (1984-1991), where he specialised in oil and gas exploration technology, risk assessment and investment evaluation. He relocated to the company’s Los Angeles Head Quarters where he worked in a three-man Mergers and Acquisitions team evaluating and recommending international oil and gas investment decisions for the Board.

In 1991 Tiahlo became an independent oil and gas advisor working closely with partner Professor Ed Purdy, formerly chief explorationist at Exxon. In association with Anderson Consulting, they devised methods to assist executive management in improving exploration performance. In 1996

Tiahlo founded several consortia in the oil and gas sector where he worked with P&O Group on marginal oil field production, General Electric/Kvaerner, TEXACO Santa Fe and Southern

Electric on low calorie gas development and power generation in Poland and with Halliburton

for gas compression and gas storage evaluation and negotiation in the Ukraine.

In 1997 Tiahlo became an advisor to the State Investment Company of Ukraine in partnership with Michael Bentley, former Chief of Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Banking at Schroder and also Director of Lazard Brothers. Together, they initiated the largest transfer of State Ukraine funds for investment in a publicly-quoted UK company. He later went on to work as an advisor for Norwegian and Russian-based energy companies. Since 2004, Tiahlo has been active as an energy advisor, in partnership with Eskandar Maleki, former Director of Tullow PLC, in Sudan, Syria, the USA, UAE, China and Somaliland. This latter work resulted in an agreement with Somaliland to create a joint venture to raise local capacity and attract participation with quality oil and gas companies.

Born and educated in England, Tiahlo completed his first degree in chemical engineering and received a postgraduate sponsorship from the National Coal Board for additional training in Finance. Furthermore, he completed an executive program in Corporate Finance from the London Business School.

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