Kenya’s President Uhuru Hailed for Showing Restraint Despite Somalia’s Provocations

Somalia President Farmajo and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta at a past meeting

Somalilandsun: Elders in Garissa on Thursday hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta for showing restraint despite Somalia’s persistent provocations against Kenya.

In a press conference on Thursday, the elders, led by Kenya’s Livestock Marketing Council chairman Dubat Amey, said Kenya has always been mindful and accommodative of Somali nationals.

Amey said thousands of Somalis are doing business in Kenya while scores have gone through Kenya’s education system without a hitch. He said this shows Kenya’s efforts in bringing stability to Somalia.

“Look at the Somalis who have gone through Kenya’s institutions of learning, I would say Somalia should see Kenya as their twin because it has been so helpful in so many ways,” he said.

He said they are wondering what the problem is in the Gedo region that shares about 10km with the Kenyan border.

Former Liboi councillor Dekow Mohamed Duale said many Somalis own businesses in Kenya’s capital.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Hailed for Showing Restraint Despite Somalia's Provocations
Kenya Livestock Marketing Council chairman Dubat Amey in Garissa town

“We are telling the Somali President if there is anything that concerns you, it’s not in Kenya but in Somalia, if you want reelection those opposing you are there with you and they have nothing to do with Kenya,” he said.

Kenya and Somalia’s diplomatic relations have worsened in recent weeks, with ambassadors returning home. Last week, Somalia claimed Kenya has been mobilising its military as well as arming militias to attack Somalia’s security installations.