Kenya Police Arrest an Ethiopian Black Ops Man


Mr Qoys

By Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – Kenya Police detained and transferred an Ethiopian assailant to Kenyan prison of Kilimani on Monday less than a month after an Ogadeni taxi driver,Abdirashid Ali Bashir, in Garissa city was injured by Ethiopian contractors armed with pistols that immediately identifies as Deeq Mohammoud Doys and Idiris Ali Qoys, the Ogaden news online ( reported.

Deeq was arrested while he was in a hospital in Nairobi at Hurlingham where he has been hospitalizing . According to eyewitnesses the assailants were five men in number that the Police immediately identified both their names and faces after they had arrested Deeq, who had been accidentally injured and left the scene by his fellow Ethiopian assailants that got panic.
While Kenyan police arrested one of the perpetrators, Deeq ,Mr. Qoys who is believed to behind several assassination missions in Kenya remain hiding and in the run .
The assailant was eventually transferred to Garrissa city, where he will face on gang and charges of cross border criminal activities.
In February 11, 2011, Ogaden refugees living in Kenya asked for Kenyan government’s protection in Kenya’s soil.
Over the last five years Ethiopian government has been sending well-paid spies and assailants to neighboring countries including Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya in part of its hunt on asylum-seekers, opposition figures and ONLF-sympathizers that sought refuge inside Somali-Speeking communities in the horn of Africa nations.