Kenya: Petition Seeks to Bar Raila from Contesting the Presidency

Kenya: Petition Seeks to Bar Raila from Contesting the Presidency
Raila Odinga of ODM is vying for president under the Azimio la Umoja coalition

Somalilandsun: Orange Democratic party leader, Hounerable Raila Odinga and wiper party leader, Hounerable Kalonzo Musyoka might be blocked from vying in August general election if the court agrees to a petition filled today by Third Way Allience party leader.

According to Aukot, Odinga and Kalonzo Should not be allowed to vie for any position with the reason of them being government advisors after serving as Prime minister and vice president respectively.

Aukot has continued by claiming the, both Kalonzo and ODM leader are drawing huge sums of money from the government as retirement packages and pension hence the ought to be playing their roles of assisting the president and not running for the top seats. Musalia Mudavadi has not been spared either. Aukot is asking the courts to issue the order immediately blocking him too for running as the running mate or vice President of the republic of Kenya after serving in such capacity under Moi rule.

It will be interesting to see what will happen incase the courts rule Infavour of Aukot. This will give Deputy president William Ruto a clear path to the presidency since his main Challenger will be out of picture. Well, let’s wait and see how things will play out in the coming days.