Kenya: Government Overhaul Entire Security Apparatus In North Eastern Province


Security forces unable to deter terrorists in Garissa townGarissa security chiefs interdicted over crime wave

Somalilandsun – The government of Kenya has overhauled security apparatus in North Eastern following spate of killings in the region the latest being the shooting of 10 people in a local eatery.

Letters of interdiction of top security officers believed to be culpable in the crime wave that has rocked the area are set to be dispatched from Nairobi Monday as police move to clear the rot that has seen criminal elements infiltrate security teams.

The Head of Criminal Investigations in Garissa has already been interdicted after being discovered to have been helping Al-Shabaab carry out atrocities in Kenya.

An area chief is also expected to leave office alongside 11 others. While on a tour of the area, Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo said that the interdiction letters had been written and would be delivered to the individuals with the authority of the National Police Service Commission.

However, the NPSC is yet to confirm whether they have sent out the letters.

Internal Security permanent secretary Mutea Iringo also announced a reward pledge for anyone willing to give information that would help in the arrests of suspects all in a bid aimed at improving security in the volatile region.

He said the government will streamline and closely monitor operations of taxi and boda boda operators including limiting the latter’s working hours to between 6 am and 6 pm.

Heavy security presence is evident in the area as the government tries to get the roots of the crime wave that has characterized the region and nab people behind serial killings that have left dozens of people dead in the town in the recent past.

Inspector general of Police David KimaiyoPolice say they also want to nab illegal immigrants who are in the town for prosecution and repatriation on suspicion they could be behind the attacks.

Officials say security agents involved in the operation have so far detained more than 20 people.

More General Service Unit and Administration Police’s Rapid Deployment Unit were deployed to Garissa Sunday night and are involved in the operation.

Witnesses say the town is virtually at a standstill. Police involved in the operation have mounted roadblocks on major roads and are checking on all occupants of various vehicles on the move. Others are visiting hotels and residential houses looking for suspects and aliens.

The government also pledged to offer a reward of between 50,000 shillings and 100,000 shillings to anyone who may provide information that will lead to arrest of criminals behind the killings.

On Saturday, Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo has said that a massive operation was in the offing in a bid to weed out criminal elements in Garissa.

Kimaiyo said that the government would not sit back and watch as criminals backed by the al shabaab militants take control of the town.