Kenya: Donkey meat business hits Naivasha town


special sandwich from donkey meatBy MAURICE ALAL,

The residents of Naivasha town and its vicinity now leave in fear following the drastic increase of unscrupulous traders who have turned donkey meat into man’s delicacy.

It emerged that this is not the first time donkey meat is being sold to the resident without their knowledge. However the residents have blamed members of the public health officers for failing to curb the booming business despite being informed over the matter.

This is said to have led to increase in theft of donkeys in the area

which are being slaughtered and their meat carted to unknown butchers within the region.

It is also reported that the residents found three carcasses of donkeys yesterday which was slaughtered in the wee hours and meat suspected to have been carted to various butchers within Naivasha town.

According to the Naivasha District Veterinary Officer (DVO), Dr. Peterson Njiru the slaughtering of donkeys is rampant in the region saying that many cases of stolen donkey have been reported to his office and assured the residents for a quick action.

Dr Njiru said that over 40 donkeys have been stolen in a span of one month with some being slaughtered and meat circulated to the area residents who buy without their knowledge.

The vet also revealed that the donkey meat business is on the booming in the region thereby exposing the residents to various diseases urging them to be vigilant and report any suspicious cases.

“Since the time immemorial donkeys have been known as beast of burden but some unscrupulous dealers have turned them into delicacy,” Dr Njiru said adding that those involved will be brought to book.

This has prompted the government to form a task force composed of the Kenya Wildlife Services, Department of Public Health and police with a mandate to investigate the increase theft of donkeys in Naivasha County, Rift Valley region.

The vet further stated that the government will start immediate meat inspection in the region to satisfy the kind of meat being sold to the resident.

Dr. Njiru said that those traders who will be found operating illegal butchers will be arrested and face stern action in a bid to curb such business that is a threat to human beings.

“The task-force team will also inspect the conditions of the butcher rooms and areas where meat business activities are carried out to ensure cleanliness is adhered to,” he said.

END  Maurice Alal.API reporter Kisumu.Kenya