“I Don’t Recognize the Government of Somalia because Somalia does not Exist” Eritrea President


By: eritreadailyAfeworki refutes denies existence of Somalia

Somalilandsun – It is firm, final, and binding: Eritrea President Isias Afareki does not recognize the Government of Somalia. With that, the President has dispelled media reports to the contrary and put to rest his UN Agent’s attempts to bamboozle VOA radio and the UN Security Council into believing Eritrea President recognizes the government of Somalia.

Eritrea President made this his defiant stance viz à viz the government of Somalia known to the rest of the world in response to an inquiry of local actors of his propaganda tv station, EriTV, 6-8 Sep. 2013.

Wagging his finger, the President told the nation and the world at large emphatically that he does not recognize but only deals with and treats the current government of Somalia no different than its predecessors, the likes of Abdi Qasim Salad, Abdulahi Yousuf, Sheikh Sherif, or those in Puntland, Hargeisa, or even other individuals in Somalia. The President also submitted that Somalia, whose 5-edged star bearing flag is flying high at UN Headquarters, does not exist! To hear all this from the President’s mouth live,

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