Horn of Africa: Guul Group to assist with Asoko Insight digital DealRoom for investments

Guul Group to assist with Asoko Insight digital DealRoom for investments

Somalilandsun:”Asoko Insight is facilitating a deal room for the Department of International Trade (DIT) of the UK government to put African companies in touch with British investors.

The digital DealRoom will take advantage of Asoko’s unique data acquisition model and unrivalled corporate database of over 100,000 private African companies to support the UK’s partnership with Africa to build a secure and prosperous future for all our citizens.

This digital deal room launched at the UK-Africa Investment Summit. You may read more about Asoko’s partnership with DIT here: https://www.africa-newsroom.com/press/asoko-launches-department-for-international-trade-dit-dealroom-at-the-forthcoming-ukafrica-investment-summit?lang=en

To understand how your deal, once qualified and validated, will be showcased to investors, you may view published and validated deal teasers here: https://asokoinsight.com/deals/dit/investor

If you are interested The digital DealRoom, please let us know and Guul Group can assist in filling out this deal interest form: https://asokoinsight.com/deals/platforms/dit

Guul Group can support companies in Somaliland, Somalia & Djibouti on this investment opportunity by leveraging Asoko-DIT’s deal origination platform and ensure you gain the right visibility from British investors. The submission will require uploading verifying documents (financial statement and incorporation document) and Guul Group can help you prepare the documents.Moreover, Guul can support throughout the process until investment and capital raising from British investors subsequent to the UK-Africa Investment Summit in January 2020.The Group sponsored the UK-Somaliland Investment Forum in London.

Guul (meaning success in the Somali language) handles transaction that are typically lower-mid-market sized investments between $1m to $5m and $6m to $10m. Guul prides itself on accessibility, innovation and flexibility aimed at attaining the company’s vision of creating jobs in agribusiness, fisheries, energy, minerals, hospitality, tourism and infrastructure. http://www.somalilandsun.com/17384-2/

  • Guul’s – match-making platform for investment opportunities&1000+investors
  • Extensive local knowledge, experience and network as the leading conduit and strategic partner for foreign private and public and multilateral firms
  • Planning and implementing best solutions via myriad of excellent trade and investment services to attract Foreign Direct Investment
  • Guul provides pioneering services for the bold and bullish entrepreneur through research into trade, investment policy, taxation, risk mitigation. http://guulgroup.com/investment-facilitation.html

Guul Group aims to facilitate $100m worth of investment through assiduous promotion of investment opportunities at forums, conferences, summits and bespoke investment events. http://guulgroup.com/guul-group-sponsors-forum.html

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