Climbing Snowdon for disabled people in Somaliland


Somalilandsun: Hello! I am raising money with my friend Bilan Jama – she is supporting Diversity Action Network (DAN Somaliland) and we’re going to climb Snowdon, North Wales!!
This is according to Anna Daniel who is organising this gofund fundraiser whose target is £1000
A small team of us plan to climb Mount Snowdon on 7th March 2020 – this will be a big challenge for us, but a tiny effort compared to the daily struggles of people living with disabilities in Somaliland.
Please help us demonstrate love to them by donating towards my £1000 target here.
(All funds donated on this page will be contributed towards Bilan’s £10,000 target through ‘Stepping Up for DAN’).

Please see Bilan’s gofundme page ‘Stepping Up for DAN’ for more details about the equipment she hopes to order and the training she hopes to provide … here’s a short quote from Bilan to get you started:

“This project aims to capacity build DAN’s services via a two-pronged approach; upgrading the facilities at DAN’s physical rehabilitation centre and then through the provision of bespoke staff training. In order to achieve this aim, I worked alongside the staff at DAN to identify all of the equipment and products required as well as the staffs’ training needs. A particular learning need that was identified was in the assessment and treatment of cognitive deficits.

Since returning from Somaliland, I have mainly focused on phase 1 of this project; costing the amount needed to purchase as well as ship all of the equipment and products required. At present, the total estimated amount for this is £10,000. Once phase 1 is complete, I will then return to Somaliland for phase 2 of the project; delivering the staff training sessions. These sessions will help ensure that each member of staff is able to use current, evidence based and enablement focused practice. To clarify, I intend to use all of the funds raised exclusively for phase 1 of this project. I plan to self-fund all expenses related to phase 2 .”

Thank you so much for your support! and  for more details or donations to the  Anna and Bilan the DAN Somaliland team visit Climbing Snowdon for disabled people in Somaliland