Five Years of Arab Spring


The Arab Spring saw people across the Arab world take to the street to protest against their governments

Somalilandsun – Five years after the Arab Spring erupted, we take a look at the continuing effects of the uprisings on people across the Arab world.
What was the Arab Spring?

The Arab Spring was the name given to the series of uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East that erupted in late 2010 and continued well into 2011. From Yemen to Egypt, people decided that they’d had enough of the deeply entrenched, often dictatorial, regimes that ruled them and took to the streets to demand greater freedom and democracy.
The Arab Spring resulted in the overthrow of the Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan and Yemeni rulers and prompted changes in the governments of Algeria, Jordan and Oman. But the human cost has been high. In Libya and Syria for example, people were forced to leave their homes and abandon their businesses as protests intensified and the authorities clamped down with violence. Continue reading Five years on: Impacts of Arab Spring still being felt