Somaliland: Badan Region Part and Parcel of Somaliland” Defence Minister


As the state denies rumours alleging preparation of anti-Somaliland meeting to be held in Badan town soon
Somaliland flag waving residents of Badan town ready to deter unpatriotic acts

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGERISA (Somalilandsun) – The town of Badan is not a venue for any meetings geared towards the destruction of the Somaliland republic.
This was stated by the Defence minister Ahmed Haji Ali Adami during a telephone interview with The Horn Tribune in Hargeisa where he also revealed that National, regional and local authorities are working cooperatively with traditional Leaders in facilitating provision of public services and amenities to residents.
“Recent rumours circulating pertaining to a forthcoming anti-Somaliland meeting in Badan are nothing but that, Rumours, being highlighted in some marfashes where chewing Khat is the main objective” said Minister Adami while Warning some media houses against propagating lies for public consumption.
Badan town is the capital of the Badan region bordering the Somalia administrative region of Puntland in the East. Puntland which claims the Region has in the past tried to not only disrupt peace and security but seen its attempts to conduct political activities foiled by both residents and government of Somaliland.
Informing that some local language websites are responsible for the lies now picked up by patrons of marsfashes the Defense chief said that in the event of such an attempt to hold the said perpetrators shall encounter with the full wrath of law.
Said he “All necessary state apparatus that include a regional administration and local governments are in place and working as is and coupled with the presence of Security personnel that include combat ready armed forces units any acts injurious to the sovereignty of Somaliland shall be countered appropriately”
Recently Khatumo state Secessionists goaded by Somalia Federal government authorities announced that they shall conduct various anti-Somaliland meetings in the Eastern regions of the country like Badan, Sool and Haysimo with the objective of convincing residents to register as voters for elections slated in March 2017.
The National Election Commission is engaged in voter registration for the Somaliland parliamentary and presidential elections slated for March 2017 with three political parties contesting

Minister Adami says Badan is part and parcel of somalilandStressing that Badan sub region and its residents was 100% part and parcel of Somaliland minister Adami who hails there said all activities pertaining to electioneering shall be undertaken fully and without fear of any entity as opposed to past elections that saw interferences from Puntland ensue with some areas of the Region not participating in the ballot
The Khatumo secessionists led by Somalia MP and US Citizen Ali Khalif Galayd with funding from SFG authorities in Mogadishu are currency based in Buhoodle town with as similar destructive mission that has ensued with an intent by the army to evict them but deter by elders who are negotiating a peaceful withdrawal.
According to Minister Adami the residents of Badan Region are currently enjoying full fruits of public services with residents from all major towns’ availed sufficient and clean drinking water while drought relief supplies are being dispatched from Hargeisa.
“Apart from those residing in extremely far-off rural areas all other residents of towns and villages in Badan Region are enjoying state availed clean drinking water 24/7 said the Somaliland Defence minister Ahmed Haji Ali Adami while warning ill-will persons to expect likewise reception upon attempts to disrupt peaceful co-existence not only in Badan but anywhere in the Country as well

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