Families displaced by violence in Ethio-Somali region reach Somaliland


Somalilandsun- At least three thousand ( 3000) families who fled from the hostilities in Ethiopia’s Somali region reached Somaliland, sources in the area confirm.

The families fleeing from the month long violence in the region who are mostly the vulnerable people in the society, women, children and elderly people sought safe haven from their relatives in the major cities of Somaliland.

The families left Ethiopia’s Somali region, especially Jigjiga town after the federal government forces seized the control of the town from Liyu police, citing that it led to insecurity and lack of essential services to the people after the markets were closed.

The towns in Somaliland that witnessed the high influx of the displaced people are, the border town Wajale, Gebiley and Harirad in Awdal region.

The commissioner of Gebiley, Mohamed Ise who spoke to Radio Ergo said the families who were displaced from Magaalo-Qaran, Horfadhi and Gobyarey localities in Ethiopia’s Somali region settled at Hargeisa, Wajale, Berbera, Borama and Burao towns in Somaliland.

Ethiopian federal military took over the control of Jigjiga town after a brief clash with Liyu police forces.

Forces loyal to Somali regional State have reportedly confronted the military soldiers leading brief gunfire between the sides.

The military seized the installations including the headquarters of state-owned media, the parliament and the presidential palace of the state.

Source: Halbeeq news