EU Parliament Decries Ethiopian Human Rights Violations in Ogaden Region and Kality Prison


By Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – European Parliament opened hearing about the Ogaden Human Rights violations and the Ethiopian prisons in Addis Ababa. The hearing,which was invited to participate in the Ogaden whistle-blower ,Abdullahi Hussein, and Swedish Journalist,Martin Schibbye,was held on April 2nd by the group the progressive Alliance of Socialist and Democrats in European Parliament and Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

“Ethiopia is one of the largest humanitarian and development aid receiver yet these donations are used incorrectly and corruptly.Western governmental Organizations and Western Embassies to Addis ababa ignored the stolen donations and humanitarian aid that are being used as a political tool by the Ethiopian regime,which is contrary to EU rules on the funding”,said Anna Gomes,MEP Head of international Unit party Socialist democrat.

Marita Ulvskog,MEP,in her part first thanked Abdullahi Hussein and Swedish Journalist,Martin Schibbye speaking about the steps needed to be taken in order to stop the human rights abuses that is being committed against Ethiopian and Ogaden civilians,she said that the EU could use sanctions or words against Ethiopia or follow up documents and information like the one provided by Abdullahi Hussein to show the reality in the ground.

 Ogaden and Ethiopian hearing  conference at EU House of Parliament.

Abdullahi Hussein,who is the former regional Presidential adviser and head of the media in Ogaden presented a shocking footage that changed the EU’s view towards Ethiopia.

Abdullahi Hussein,who gained the title of “brave man” and nominated of the prize of Sweden’s civil courage of the year 2014, “Antigone award”, after he had put himself at risk for smuggling out over 100 hours of footage from the Ogaden Province requested the EU to put their words into action as the killing,gang-raping,and extrajudicial arresting still continues.

Speaking with Ogaden diaspora owned TV service of Ilaystv, Martin Schibbye stated that in conjunction with Abdullahi Hussein their purpose to reset was to tell the World what they had seen which is to fulfill a promise that he made to many people from Ogaden region,but also their co-prisoners in Kality Prison of Addis Ababa.Members of European Parliament,CPJ’s Jean Paul Marthoz and Human Rights’s Leslie Lefkow have also explained the human rights situation in Ethiopia in details to the EU Parliament.

Anna Lindy,chair of the hearing, presented the human rights situation in Ogaden and Ethiopia at the opening time of the session.