Ethiopians Escape War only to Face Hunger in Somaliland

On the streets of border cities refugees rely on food handouts, while overcrowding in camps exacerbates the effects of the drought crisis

An Ethiopian refugee family sit in their makeshift kitchen, Borama Somaliland /Guardian

Somalilandsun:  In the early hours of the morning, before sunrise, the refugees in Borama gather around vendors selling bread out of wheelbarrows, hoping for handouts.

The nearby tea shops do what they can to help, dishing out hot drinks to hundreds of people who have left fighting and drought in Ethiopia for sanctuary in Somaliland’s border city. At night, families lie in rows on the pavements, huddled under blankets.

These are Ethiopians fleeing war in their country which shares borders with Somaliland  and according to local  immigration officials, at least 10,000 people arrived in the first two months of 2022.

Many of these  refugees travel on to the capital Hargeisa and other areas, rather than staying in Borama. Some walk as far as Bosaso on the coast of Puntland a neighbouring  regional state of Somalia and try to get a boat across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen. From there, they walk to Saudi Arabia in the hope of finding employment as labourers or shepherds.

Those  lucky are People arriving from the Somali region of Ethiopia for they find it easier to assimilate and set up a shelter in the refugee camps, as they speak the language; it is much more challenging for those from Tigray, Amhara or Oromia, reports Sean Sutton for the Guardian.

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