Ethiopian Regional State Administrator Lauds Somaliland Police Diligence

Somaliland returns stolen truck to Ethiopia

Somaliland sun:  Prevalent cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopian government authorities has been termed as perfect.

The sentiments were expressed at the Somaliland Ethiopia border town of Baligubadle during a stolen truck and suspects handover attended by police and local administrators from the town neighbouring countries at the town’s police station.

The meet came as a result of a waterbowser stolen from Harshin district in Farfan Province of the Somali administrative region of Ethiopia by two youthful citizens of Somaliland.

Chaired by the commander of Somaliland Hawd regional police, Lieutenant  Colonel Mohamed Hussein Ali in attendance were police officers and administrators  from Ethiopia namely Ali Sagal the Harshin District Commissioner , his deputy and the district’s  Security Commander Abdi Hasan Kahn  as well as the officer in charge Harshin police station Damate Dahir Isse Aden.

administrators from Ethiopia namely Ali Sagal the Harshin District Commissioner , his deputy and the district’s Security Commander Abdi Hasan Kahn as well as the officer in charge Harshin police station Damate Dahir Isse Aden.

Today we are handing over to you a water truck , two water tanks with a capacity of 50,000 litres each stolen from your country” Lt Colonel Mohamed Hussein told his guests adding  that the two thieves arrested are also in the handover menu for purposes of facing prosecution in an  Ethiopian court for the theft was perpetrated there.

Narrating the recovery of the stolen water truck the Hawd regional police commander informed that area residents reported the suspicious duo to Baligubadle police officers who upon investigation managed to unearth the facts thence arrest of the two thieves who are citizens of Somaliland.

The colonel then handed the keys of the truck, the two tanks and the duo of youthful thieves to the Harshin District Commissioner Ali Sagal who was the senior most Ethiopian official in attendance.

“We are thankful to the Somaliland police and in particular its officers attached to Baligubadle police station for swift recovery of the stolen truck, its cargo as well as arrest of the thieves” said the Ethiopian administrator

Commander of Somaliland Hawd regional police, Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Hussein Ali and Ethiopian District of Harshin Security Commander Abdi Hasan Kahn

Stressing that continued cooperation between all levels of government of the two neighbouring countries is the backbone of security for citizens the administrator thanked Somaliland police for their diligence.

As per the arraignment in court of the two Somaliland citizens in Ethiopia, proper legal procedures shall be pursued the Harshin district security commander Abdi Hasan   assured.

Harshin is one of the woredas in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. The easternmost woreda of the Jijiga Zone, Harshin is bordered on the south by the Degehabur Zone, on the west by Kebri Beyah, and on the northeast by Somaliland. The major town in Harshin is Harshin.

This is the second event of a similar nature the first being in August 2018 when Somaliland authorites  recovered and handed over  to their Ethiopian  counterparts  14 vehicles including trucks and SUV looted from the Somali regional administration in Jigjiga following the ouster of then president Abdi Mahmud Omar  who is currently in custody of federal police in Addis Ababa.

14 vehicles handed to Ethiopia by somaliland in 2018

The vehicles stolen made their way to various regions in Somaliland including Awdal, Togdher, Marodi Jeh and Gebiley.