Ethiopia: Women in Tigray Face Increased Risk of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Amid Humanitarian Crisis

Amnesty finds mass sexual violence in Ethiopia's Tigray conflict

Somalilandsun: Since fighting broke out in November 2020, civilians in Tigray, Ethiopia have experienced one of the most vicious conflicts in recent memory. More than 6 million people are affected by the conflict, with 2.2 million people displaced and nearly a million people experiencing famine conditions. Among them are displaced women and girls—many of whom have survived well-documented reports of sexual violence—and who now fact the increased risk of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).

SEA occurs when someone attempts or succeeds in abusing power for sexual purposes. Given the role that government and humanitarian actors are playing in Tigray, considerable power imbalances exist. Meanwhile, mitigating factors including the increasing scarcity of resources, restricted humanitarian access, and an increase in female-headed households are leading to an increased risk of SEA.

On Thursday, August 26, Refugees International is releasing “Women in Tigray Face Increased Risk of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Amid Humanitarian Crisis,” a brief that examines the risk of SEA for women and girls in Tigray and recommends ways to address and ultimately end it. 

We are offering an embargoed copy of the brief to you. The brief is under embargo until Thursday, August 26 at 2:00 a.m. ET

Report author Devon Cone is the Senior Advocate for Women and Girls at Refugees International. She is available for interviews on her research and recommendations. 

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