Ethiopia to Increase Ports Usage in Somaliland, Sudan and Djibouti, Eyes Kenya Too


Somalilandsun: The Federal Government of Ethiopia has said that it will increase the number of ports it uses, as Ethiopia is a large country without a port.

Ethiopian Ports Manager Makonan Abarra said the government had agreements with Sudan, Djibouti and Somaliland to use their local ports, but they were not enough, so they planned to use Kenyan and Eritrean ports to reduce costs. Ethiopia withdraws cargo from ports in neighboring countries including Somaliland.
“Given the size of our country, it is important to use a large number of ports, and we are studying the best way to implement these ports, for example in the west and south, as well as in the center of the country and in the east.” “Appropriately, when we say that, it will be based on the distance of the containers, such as, where each one can be imported, and then the cost of relocation will be limited.” “So far we have signed agreements with Djibouti, Sudan and Somaliland, Kenya and Eritrea and we are planning to take advantage of them,” said Makona Abara, while stressing that Ports of Neighboring Countries are based on the right place to import and the best place to export our country’s products. ”
The manager also said that the use of a single port eliminates the competition for the use of ports, but the use of multiple ports creates competition.