Ethiopia: Somalis, ONLF, OLF plus Eritreans hold “Horn of Africa Solidarity Conference”in Frankfurt, Germany


Eritrean citizens at the conference

By: Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – The “Horn of Africa Solidarity Conference” is held in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday.

This conference,which is annually held was this time long-time invested and properly organized by Somali Communities from Ogaden Region in Germany.

This Conference, which was totally different from the previous ones was participated in different communities from Horn of Africa mainly Somali communities,Oromio Communities, Eritrean Communities and Somali communities from Occupied-Ogaden region.

The aim of the Conference was to overthrow what they call an “illegal government” of Tigray People’s liberation front Regime of Addis Ababa.

The Leaders from United Horn of Africa allies of ONLF,OLF,Somali Diaspora,plus Eritreans that participated in the conference vowed to oust out the minority regime of Tigray.

“We have opened a new chapter of collaboration between us and the Horn of Africa nations that are under Ethiopian occupation and have created an umbrella that wants to overthrow the repressive regime of TPLF,”said, Hassan Moalim,an ONLF-deputy foreign secretary to Ethiopia.

Mr. Moalim spoke at length about the ONLF political developments and how importance is to ally with the nations under Ethiopian colony such as the nations of Oromia,Sidama,Afar,etc. Ethiopian Regime of TPLF continues to commit genocide against the nations under its colony including peoples in Oromia, Afar-land, Sidama, Welayta,and Somalis in Ogaden Region etc and continually intervenes Somalia domestic politics that unnerved Somalis inside the country as well as Somali diaspora.

Putting the flag in the world map

The participants watched a film that changed the mood of the environment and showed human rights abuses that proved beyond doubt including rape,killing,wide-spread detentions,and torture.The material is currently investigating by Swedish prosecutors.

“The filmed-evidence suggests that the Ethiopian Army and Liyu Police militia has carried out crimes against humanity on a large scale”,said Abdullahi Hussein,now a human rights activist and former Regional President adviser ,who put himself at risk for smuggling out 100-hours film evidence.

He added the Ethiopian regime must be held accountable for its crimes.

The Regional puppet administration of Abdi Iley has been very keen to claim that the Ogaden region is developing when it comes to some water wells,roads and very few schools when his notorious Liyu police militia could not spare a single soul that encountered. Abdi Iley claims boastfully to be the truer ONLF and others are solely bandits a term carefully avoided by the former regional presidents that encouraged ONLF-supporters,but he did not stop there,he constantly aired hate speech against Amhara through the Ethiopian Somali TV(ESTV) and passes out a message from his masters,Tigray generals, and his legal adviser Col. Zegeye to spread negative stereotypes against Ahmara amid to sow a fresh enmity between Somali ethnic population and Amhara population to divert the Tigray’s human rights abuses.

“The TPLF-regime propagates lies in the name of development to divert the eyes of the diaspora about the reality on the ground.And The Regional President,Abdi Iley,keeps telling his masters’ message that the TPLF is better than it was the Derg Regime, while it is massacring the nomads and aired several times that the Amhara regime was not permitted Somalis to wear garments as if we were fighting for a right to wear garment against a regime,Derg,which was on war with garments and garment industries ,a compliment they received and accepted easily,of course got gassed”,said Jamal Diriye,a former Ethiopian parliament token that lives in Germany.

Conference dignitaries from Eritrea and Ethiopia(Ogaden)

Ethiopia,which uses its power to oppress its dissents at the same time has been labeling Journalists and its main political figures as terrorists has jailed dozens of main political figures and Journalists in the world’s worst prisons in Addis Ababa and Jigjiga that met International criticism.

Eritrea, a former Ethiopian colony and in an open war with Ethiopia sees herself a friend and an ally for the oppressed and down-trodden nations in the Horn Of Africa. Somalia provided Eritrea a brotherly direct assistance during its fight for the Eritrean Independence and Eritrea wants to payback for that and repeatedly says ,”let the Somalis solve their problems through dialogue.”

Somali people in Ogaden and people of Oromia have been fighting for their identity,of course they don’t like to be called Ethiopians. And their representatives have been fighting for full independence.