Ethiopia Reacts to Egyptian Threats


“Ethiopia’s Foreign policy remains Firm on Promoting Mutual Benefit and Cooperation” –Ministry of Foreign affairs

Somalilandsun – A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Spokesperson yesterday (June 5th) underlined that Ethiopia has been consistent in its policy of promoting a foreign policy based on mutual respect and mutual benefit with all its neighbors over the past two decades.

In line with this policy, Ethiopia took the initiative to establish the International Panel of Experts with Sudan and Egypt mandated to investigate if there might be any significant damage to the two downstream countries from the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This initiative was intended to clear up any mistrust that prevailed in Egypt about the dam.

Following the issuance of the Expert’s report, which unequivocally confirmed that the GERD will not harm downstream countries, a few Egyptian politicians aired unacceptable rhetoric of conflict and acrimonious statements which threatened to harm the good relationship between our two countries. The Ethiopian government and people are deeply saddened by these irresponsible statements.

The Ethiopian government chose to remain patient about these remarks, but the unconstructive propaganda against Ethiopia continued. The Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia was called into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, and asked to explain the stand of his government on this matter. The Ministry is currently awaiting his response.

In any event, Ethiopia will continue to work to forge stronger ties with all friendly countries and neighbors to create a conducive environment in its fight against its greatest enemy, poverty. In that spirit, Ethiopia will continue to cooperate with Egypt.

Ethiopia would remind any interested parties that the construction of the GERD will certainly benefit Egypt and Sudan as well as contribute largely to the development of Ethiopia and of the region.