Ethiopia: PM Abiy Surfaces, Visits Prosthetics Production Centre

PM Abiy at the POC in Addis Ababa

Somalilandsun: The Addis Ababa based Prosthetics Orthotics Centre (POC) is exemplifies public service at it’s best.

This was stated by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during an inspection tour of the facility where he was given a detailed rundown by staffers and beneficiaries.

News of this visit surfaced via the PMs official Twitter handle @AbiyAhmedAli in which he wrote

PM Abiy with beneficiary of the POC

“Today I visited the prosthetics production center for injured members of the armed forces and civilians. What the volunteers and employees are doing for army members injured during the law enforcement operation and at other times, is commendable.”

PM Abiy at the POC in Addis Ababa

The significance of this event cannot be discounted owing to the fact that this was the first public appearance by the PM, whose whereabouts for almost a fortnight have been mysterious

The news  of the PM’s function in Addis Ababa elicited a huge sigh of relief from within and without Ethiopia, more Somaliland where his absence from the public limelight had been a major issue.

PM Abiy at the POC in Addis Ababa

Now that he is back hopefully many of the myriads of rumours as pertains his prolonged absence shall go to sleep.

Back to the function the facility it has become very  important in Ethiopia where  war and disease have left large numbers of people immobilized.

POC Addis Ababa

Based in Addis Ababa, the POC offers a full range of services, including physiotherapy, mobility devices (crutches, braces, wheelchairs, etc), and custom-fitted prosthetic limbs and orthotic leg braces. The POC is also a hub for training medical professionals from dozens of African countries