Ethiopia: ONLF on a Scandinavian Diaspora Monitoring Tour


Diaspora Ethiopians from zone 5 meet ONLF leaders during their Scadinavian tour

By Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – Officials from Independent Movement, Ogaden National Liberation Front, (ONLF) A powerful rebel group that has been fighting for the Independence of Etnipia’s illegally occupied-Ogaden Region for the last 3 decades begin to visit last week to Scandinavian countries, which are found the most active ONLF supporters in Europe.

The ONLF leader’s choice of Scandinavian countries since the group’s participation of the “Horn of Africa Solidarity conference” that held in Germany earlier this month with Oromia leaders, and politicians from Horn of Africa follows decisions made in Germany.

“This high-level ONLF delegation-led by the Group’s leader, Admiral Mohammed Omar Osman ,is amid to monitor the supporters of the group and to boost the activities of the ONLF struggle”, published on Ogaden’s News agency Web site.

“We will work hand in hand with Independence-seeking nations not only Sidama, Oromia,Afar, nations that are under Ethiopian colony but any other oppressed nations on earth as well. And as long as we work hand in hand, Ogaden-Oromia and Sidama plus others’ friendship will become more active and magnificent and will expedite the exercise of the self-determination of our marginalized nations”,said Hussein Nur, the ONLF information secretary.

Scadinavian Ethiopians

He added, As for the opposition parties we are ready to have a working relation with them as long as they are ready to understand our point of view and able to discuss every thing with us on the table.ONLF has secured healthy relationship with many fronts against TPLF-Led regime of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia have very concerned about this.

Oil-rich Ogaden is the World’s number one forgotten humanitarian crisis yet the foreign oil companies did not forget as many International oil corporations pouring to the isolated and war-zone area time after time believing that they can avail the region’s main natural resources of oil-and-gas without the consent of the local population of the Ogaden region with the help of Ethiopian Security Forces.

The Foreign Corporations pay Ethiopian guards a large sum of money in protection of their souls but unfortunately the Ethiopian guards dislocate villagers and burnt the postures all around the grazing-lands surrounded by the Oil-fields of Obale,Calub and Hilala natural gas fields to avoid the Ogaden National Liberation Army’s target.