Ethiopia: Hassan Moalin, Dr. Shugt Gellat Talk on Phone Amid Rising Tensions


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Somalilandsun – As political crisis rise in Ethiopia only few months before the general election,the main powerful opposition groups discussed about the recently peaceful protests that left at least 40 students killed, during demonstrations against,Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, the ruling party’s endeavor to expand the capital city of Addis Ababa in part of the Oromia state.

Violence erupted in several university campuses across Oromia state as ethnic Oromo students protested against Addis Ababa’s annexation.

Amid increasing tensions in Oromia state and fresh killings of Aware by the Ethiopian Security Forces in Ogaden Region, The assistant of ONLF Foreign Secretary for Ethiopian Affairs and deputy Communities mobilizer and the Group’s affairs ,Hassan Moalin, called Addis Ababa regime ” a state-sponsored terrorism,” the ONLF’s news portal, Ogaden News Agency reported today.

“Mr. Moalin condemned the killings of the Oromo students in a cold-blooded and sends condolences to the students victims and their families behalf of the ONLF,” the report said.

“The ONLF official suggested that the importance of collaborating against what he called “the common enemy” of the two nations under Ethiopian occupation in order to resist the merciless Ethiopian regime, “The Ogaden News agency stated.

Dr.Shugt Gellat , OLF Foreign Secretary , in his part first thanked Somali people from Ogaden Region around the globe saying that he will always remember their overwhelmed with tenderness for the students,when they saw the Ethiopian army brutality” .

During the call, both officials called on the two-brotherly civilians to unite in-and-outside of the country to oust the ruling party of TPLF, in part of liberating Oromia and Ogadenia territories.

It is not the first time that officials from Ogaden National Liberation Front and Oromo Liberation to reach out and discuss the future states of Ogadenia and Oromia ,since January 2014, a number of official meetings took place in abroad ,even though, Oromo and Somalis from Ogaden protested side-by-side against the Ethiopian regime,it was only earlier this week when they held a joint-meeting in Minnesota, United States.