Ethiopia: Conference in Pretoria highlights Ogaden struggle and Human Rights issues


By Mohamed FaarahONLF Pretoria Conference participants

Somalilandsun – Ogaden Community around the globe and the leaders of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a secessionist group fighting for the independence of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia are holding annual conference of Ogaden in Pretoria Town of South Africa.

The three-day conference was organized by members of the Ogaden Diaspora community and participants came from far and wide — all seven continents.

According to participants in the conference, international organizations are also participants of the conference.

Today is the opening of the conference, and Human right issue is the top of the agenda on today, said Hayi Yare, The Ogadentoday the Reporter in the conference.

ONLF chairman Admiral Mohamed Omar and Foreign Secretary of ONLF Abdi Rahman MahdiThe opening the conference was overwhelmed, the cheers, featuring Ogaden flag Song, and patriotic songs for the struggleof Ogaden people under the Ethiopia rule. Members of the South African society were also present at the convention.

The convention will be discussed the current political and social situation in the Ogaden Region, according to intellectuals who spoke Ogadentoday Press through the phone.

The ONLF and Human right organizations accuses the Ethiopian military and local administration under the federal government of routinely killing Somali Ogaden civilians and burning villages in an effort to displace them from their land.