Ethiopia: Anti-government protests Spread Worldwide

Thousands of Ethiopian expats staged anti government protests in South Africa and U.S Thursday Aug. 18 2016 demanding civic and political rights back home
Somaliland sun – The Tigray-led government killed 500 peaceful protesters since November last year amid to crackdown on dissent and opposition.
 The protests, which was organized by the third largest ethnic groups of Ethiopia: Ogaden, Oromo and Amhara, took place Johannesburg and Minneapolis and will likely to spread major cities around the World.
 The protesters claim Tigrayan-led minority regime dominate and control the political economy of Ethiopia with the help of the West.
 Ethiopia has been mired in political turmoil since November last year. 
The government holds 100 percent of the seats in federal and regional parliaments, preventing any serious parliament debate, according to Human Rights Watch.
 Over the last six months, dozens of civilians in 69 localities were rounded, detained, beaten, looted or killed in the Somali territory of Ogaden region.
 Earlier in June, 51 people were killed in Jama dubad, in the Gashamo district, while 400 Ogaden civilians placed in custody after allegedly their relatives have demonstrated against the regional President Mohamoud Omar in Australia-the detainees were tortured in Kebri Dahar, Denan, Werder, Gode and Degahbur.
 However, the Ethiopian Security forces better know as Liyuu Police committed human rights violations in Ogaden, Oromia and Somalia. 
1000s Ethiopians in worldwide demos