Ethiopia: After Pressing, Does Jigjiga Host The Uninvited Guests?


Traditional Dacers at the Jigjiga cultural festival

By: Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – The Media and Aid agencies banned Ogaden Region of Ethiopia has been sealed off from the rest of the World and Jigjiga which is the current capital city of the Ogaden Region is now lonely and isolated from the rest of the vast 9 provinces of Ogaden region this comes after Ethiopian authority deployed the notorious Liyu Police militia outside of the City that blocked the streets entering into Jigjiga in part of what they say a security tight.

The So-called Regional authority imposed twelve-hour curfew on vehicles which has been declared to be effective from 6P.M.until 6A.M. and people were urged to stay indoors after 8p.m. during the night hours throughout the Ogaden Capital City of Jigjiga.

According to local sources: Workers, teachers and School children are ordered to participate in security-tight by setting up check-points throughout the city streets and checking the people that passing by the streets during the day.

Water supplies is very scarce in the City these days it is not clear whether it is a result of inadequate natural water resources to supply the City’s demand or economic water scarcity. It also said, the electricity has cut off the city as a punishment to make the residents of the city to obey the administration’s orders.

The Ogaden Regional administration that is appointed by the Federal government of Ethiopia declared to host what they call Ethiopia Nations’, Nationalities and People Day for the first time in Jigjiga which is questioned the capability of the city due to the hardship it may bring.

The so-called “Ethiopia’s Nations’, Nationalities and People’s Day” is hosted by one of the 9 nations annually this time the Ethiopian appointed president of Abdi Iley who is under investigation in criminal charges requested to be host in Ogaden Region amid to make Ethiopia government believe that ONLF fighters defeated.But trembled with fear and confused after ONLF attacked several potions in Jarar and Faafan Provinces that led him to overact to the residents of major cities.

The celebration is amid cultural contacts between 9 ethnic nationalities within Ethiopia but the Ethiopian government critiques say, where the event will be held is not too far from Jail Ogaden, a notorious prison that is held several thousand of political inmates without seeing a court,and the detention period has no limited,moreover,the relatives of the inmates are denied to visit them.

This is against the International Law and the traditional principles of the Somali people of Ogaden Region.While Prisoners are severely tortured during the interrogation,starving to death, shot and secretly buried without informing their relatives.

Despite the Ethiopian Authority’s pressing the local people,The Somali People of Jigjiga and the Somali people of Ogaden Region generally are unhappy and unwilling to host the so-called Hidhar 29 or The so-called “Ethiopia’s Nations’, Nationalities and People’s Day” at this point, therefore, after pressing,does Jigjiga host the uninvited guests?